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mFlyer was conceived by the founders of Moasis Global in 2009, in the early days of the smartphone market. With the launch of new technology like the iPhone 3G, it was clear to the founding team that small to midsized businesses could begin to compete with large national advertisers if they did so locally. Mobile technology would give them equal footing if it brought marketing based on accurate, real-time location intelligence to the forefront.

Ryan Golden, Moasis’ CEO was inspired by his early career experience in the advertising industry and as a consultant to businesses in the hospitality sector. After opening his own hospitality business and feeling firsthand the pains of limited, expensive and complex digital marketing tools, he envisioned mFlyer. Following the launch of Moasis’ corporate business, the mFlyer product was first tested in 2014. Moasis continues to invest heavily in this product and is strongly committed to delivering the world’s leading mobile advertising solution for small to midsized businesses everywhere.

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Steve Golden

Executive Chairman, Co-Founder

Steven Golden brings a long history of innovative entrepreneurship to his role as chairman, treasurer and director of Moasis. He maintains strong communication with the company’s executives, formulates business strategy, represents management and the board to the general public and shareholders, and maintains corporate integrity.

Ryan Golden

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Ryan Golden is the CEO, president and director of Moasis and oversees the company’s strategic direction. Ryan’s earlier career as an advertising agency executive, consultant, and owner of a small business inspired the development of mFlyer. At Moasis, Ryan works closely with the corporate officers in driving business strategy and innovation and leading day to day operations of the executive team.

Jason Mascari

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder

Jason Mascari is responsible for the design, innovation and improvement of all Moasis products. With over ten years of entrepreneurship and design experience, Jason oversees the product management and design functions, and ensures the company creates value for its customer, delivers exceptional user experiences and drives continuous innovation.

Tim Garcia

SVP Platform & Technology Partnerhips

Tim Garcia, Senior Vice President of Platform & Technology Partnerships, is responsible for spearheading strategic business partnerships for Moasis. Joining the company in 2012 as one of the original employees, Tim is focused on expanding technology, product, data intelligence and inventory partnerships. Prior to Moasis, he spent the last 7+ years at Nokia and NAVTEQ. Concentrating on location-based initiatives and leading product management and marketing positions both at Headquarters in Chicago and internationally in Sydney, Australia.

About Moasis Global

Moasis is a global leader in location targeting technology that gives advertisers, agencies and publishers the power to transform mobile marketing across screens including cell phone, tablet, and digital out-of-home experiences. Moasis is redefining location with its patented Geo-Grid® technology - allowing marketers to target the right people at the right place at the right time.

The Geo-Grid® allows marketers to replace outdated location-based targeting technologies using geo-fences, which allow limited precision and optimization power, and result in as many as 80 percent of impressions being wasted.

The Moasis platform is helping marketers at organizations of all sizes improve click-through rates and increase post-click conversions at 5x-10x the industry norms, while delivering business insights that make their communications more relevant.

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